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 Indiana Department of Insurance (800)622-4461
 Indiana Attorney General (800)382-5516
 Better Business Bureau (866)463-9222
 Angie's List (888)888-5478
 Indiana Auto Body Association (317)290-0611



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As the vehicle owner, you have the right to select the repair facility of your
choice. If an insurance company representative or 3rd party suggests that
you do not have this right, or tells you otherwise, they are attempting to
"steer" you.

Press Release - Consumer Steering

To Register a Steering Complaint - Click Here

Don't Settle for Less

Take your vehicle to a repair facility you can trust.

The IABA has implemented a qualification and verification program
that ensures our repair facilities and staff are qualified to repair
your vehicle correctly, and provide you a written lifetime warranty,
with great customer service.

Search below for your closest repair facility to qualify for the
"A Shop You Can Trust" Program.


Did You Know ?

   In Indiana, for 1st Party claims (your insurance company is paying for your vehicle's damages) you as the vehicle owner
   have the right to select the type of parts that may be used on your vehicle when repaired.

State Parts Bill - Click Here

   In fact, it is required by State law that the repair facility review the options with you and you must authorize the preferred
   parts and sign the approved form.

Consumer Parts Authorization - Click Here


How Can You Believe All the Insurance Advertising ?  

   The Indiana Auto Body Shop Association conducts an Annual Insurer Performance Survey to provide you awareness
   how a particular insurer may handle your next auto claim in your area. Since collision repairers work with insurance
   companies on a daily basis, who else can provide you with this information that can assist you.

   To review the Survey Results: Click Here

 If you are a Indiana Collision Repair Facility and wish to participate in the annual survey please contact the IABA at:


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